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The State of Louisiana's "Women's Right To Know" website is located at but you are not required by law to view it.

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The Right to Choose

Our clinic provides both 1st and 2nd trimester abortion services for women with a problem pregnancy.

Patients at our clinic vary in age and come from all lifestyles. Most see our clinic as a safe, personal and confidential alternative to the high cost of hospitalization. All share a common bond: a problem pregnancy.

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The Staff

The single most important element in any medical facility is the staff which comprises it. Our physician is a "Board Certified" OB/GYN expert who has been providing high quality abortion services through all legal stages to our patients for many years.

On hand to assist with our services are trained staff, nurses and a full time administrative director who all have one goal: to provide you with the compassionate care that you deserve.

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The Services

All clinic services are confidential.

Louisiana law requires a patient to have an "Informed Consent" session with a licensed physician at least 24 hours prior to starting an abortion procedure.

Call us at 800-749-7267 for details and to schedule your appointment.

Louisiana law requires that patients under 18 years of age have a "Parental Consent" form signed and notarized. Call us for details.

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